No Governance, No SharePoint.

Written by Carl B. Johnson

Compliance and Information Governance Expert, Speaker, Author

November 8, 2010

Before you setup your SharePoint farm, take a look at some of the highlights from SharePoint AIIM report earlier this year. Planning now, will save you headaches and possible dangers later.

Do you have any general comments to pass on to others undertaking a SharePoint implementation?

  • It’s better to get the users involved from the start rather than pushing it on them
  • Have a clear plan in place and a roll-out strategy before implementation
  • Getting buy-in from key end users is important Not be seen as a technology but a support tool for changing how you do and share your work
  • Get good consultants. Gold Partners aren’t necessarily “all-knowing” They need wide-ranging experience
  • Set up a proper information management vision for the enterprise before starting the real implementation
  • SharePoint is rather easy to roll out and is attractive to end-users, so the risk is that everybody becomes an administrator and governance is neglected
  • SharePoint is not an out-of-box implementation With more and more implementations going on, good SharePoint consultants/experts are hard to come by
  • Need a governance plan FIRST It is an absolute must and the step CANNOT be skipped under any circumstances
  • Focus on business requirements – don’t let IT drive the implementation
  • As tempted as you may be to use it out of the box, don’t There are things you will find out as you go along that will make starting over painful
  • Sort out governance Sort out training Sort out an Information Architecture Sort out a basic taxonomy
  • Plan, plan, plan Really work through governance and content type issues
  • Get a consultant and implement policies SharePoint can become a black hole unless managed carefully
  • Plan for governance first, implement governance from the outset
  • Don’t customize if there’s any way to avoid it
  • It is a lot more difficult to set up and program than people think
  • Look for rd party tools to round it out Find a good integrator to be the one point of contact to them (and to warrant that they work together and get them to work)
  • SharePoint  is a great platform product on which to build ECM apps Don’t underestimate the need for active governance and usage policies
  • Avoid a proliferation of overlapping tools If you have tools with overlapping capabilities, create a strategy/policy governing how and when each will be used
  • Define your problems so you know what you’re solving for Just changing to SharePoint (or any other CMS) is not going to help unless you understand the business issues you’re solving for

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