Linq and SharePoint

Written by Carl B. Johnson

Compliance and Information Governance Expert, Speaker, Author

November 6, 2010

Linq has been around for some time and I have always had a lukewarm relationship with the technology (see tweets). Besides SharePoint, I develop and Silverlight applications and write my own DAL or use NHibernate. Everything works fine but tends to be over kill for simple OTO, OTM and MTM database designs. After lots of research and testing I have added Linq to SQL and Linq to XML to my arsenal of tools for communicating with SQL Server.  Seven medium to large projects later, clients are still happy and I can easily maintain the code.
Since 2007 there has been lots of talk on the web about using Linq with WSS and MOSS 2007.  There is a great project on CodePlex using Linq with SharePoint. Microsoft has taken it one step further and added complete support for Linq in SharePoint 2010 with classes, interfaces and enumeration.  I will creating a small 1 hour webinar Linq to SharePoint and will post it here and on youtube.

Linq and SharePoint Namespace

CodePlex Linq to SharePoint Project

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