INformation Security FOCUSED

Keynotes & Workshops

Keynotes and workshops customized for your organization or association to help attendees understand the linkage between technology, culture and change management. All  in keynotes and workshops without death by PowerPoint using story telling and real-world experience.


Information Security Governance

Information security governance does receive the respect it deserves. Unfortunately only when after a security breach does go to the top of the list of priorities. The reason is that organizations focus too much on technology and not enough time on culture and change management. I will show you how to work with your stakeholders to come up with an information governance strategy that works.

Business Collaboration

How does your organization collaborate? Is it SharePoint? Is it Slack or Microsoft Teams. In this workshop, I work with your stakeholders, department leads and business units to better understand where the gaps are and how your organization collaborates and communicates allowing you to design solutions that maximize productivity while decreasing risk.


Are you a covered entity? Are you a business associate? Not sure? HHS and OCR are holding all CE’s and BA’s accountable when it comes to patients records. In this workshop, I focus on every aspect of HIPAA privacy and work departments and teams identifying ePHI and PHI.   

Data Breaches and Ransomware

What does data breaches, ransomware and company culture have in common? Everything. Technology and safeguards alone will not prevent data breaches and ransomware attacks. In this keynote and workshop I discuss how data breaches and ransomware attacks happen and help attendees be better prepared and aware of the many ways a company is exposed. 

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