Implementing Compliance and Governance with SharePoint

Over the years I’ve seen some pretty bad SharePoint implementations. Some was the fault of the consulting company, some was the fault of the organization. Each of the implementations had the following in common:

  • Unrealistic Goals and Requirements (too much, too soon)
  • Limited Budget
  • Jack of All Trades , Master of None Consultants
  • Lack of Corporate Involvement
  • Lack of Corporate Communication and Adoption
  • Undefined Governance Plan and Strategy

In “Implementing Compliance and Governance with SharePoint” I discuss how to take SharePoint serious as an organization and design a governance plan that is aligned with your corporate governance and compliance plan. Each chapter provides real world solutions on how to resolve SharePoint’s security and governance shortcomings. Implementing Compliance and Governance with SharePoint will be available for purchase and download in March 2015.

Table of Contents

About the Author

Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: Aligning SharePoint with Organizational Goals and Requirements
Chapter 3: How to Create a Successful Governance Board
Chapter 4: Auditing your Current SharePoint Permissions
Chapter 5: Understanding Document and Record Compliance
Chapter 6: Aligning SharePoint with your Data Loss Prevention Program
Chapter 7: Developing a Strategic Governance Project Plan
Chapter 8: Building a Successful Training and Communication Program
Chapter 9: How to Get a Grip on your SharePoint Environment
Chapter 10: Building a SharePoint User Adoption Plan
Chapter 11: Repair Damaged Credibility and User Moral
Chapter 12: Understand SharePoint Search
Chapter 13: Protecting Documents and Records with Rules and Permissions
Chapter 14: Understanding Digital Signatures and Document Encryption


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