Make HIPAA Privacy a Priority 

Don’t roll out SharePoint, Office 365 or Teams without reading Implementing Compliance and Governance with SharePoint. Based on real world experiences assisting customers develop governance plans and cleaning nightmare data breaches.

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What is Inside in This book

Topic Covered & Explained

IT Security Governance

Microsoft Teams Governance



HIPAA Privacy Compliance

General Data Protection Regulation

Sarbanes–Oxley Act


SharePoint Governance

IT Governance Stakeholder Meetings



About the Author.

As an information security governance expert, speaker and author serving thousands of organizations, Carl’s experiences have led to speaking engagements with the NIH, DOC, SEC, and hundreds of organizations, universities, and associations throughout the United States. No matter the size of the company, titles or technical experience of the audience, Carl makes sure participants are motivated and educated to change their perspective on information security governance, SharePoint and cybersecurity.

Carl’s background includes implementing information security technologies in both information governance and cybersecurity best practices. His experience with project management, application development, networking, security, Microsoft SharePoint and Office 365 extends over the last 25 years. When he’s not helping enterprise solve information security governance challenges, you can catch him speaking at conferences throughout the United States.

Carl B. Johnson

Here’s What Readers Say

“Carl’s cyber security presentation isn’t just interactive – it’s highly entertaining – which is why it works.”
Angel Witicker

Head of Marketing, Company Name

“Carl’s cyber security presentation isn’t just interactive – it’s highly entertaining – which is why it works.”
Debra Becker

Founder & CEO, Company Name

“Carl’s cyber security presentation isn’t just interactive – it’s highly entertaining – which is why it works.”
John Wise

Head of Design, Company Name

Most Common Asked Questions

Does Your Book Cover Office 365 & Teams

Yes! I originally wrote Implementing Compliance and Governance with SharePoint in 2014 when Office 365 was just gaining momentum and before Microsoft Teams. This new release covers Office 365 and Microsoft Teams with Data Loss Protection (DLP).

Does Your Book Focus On HIPAA Privacy?

Yes! HIPAA Privacy, SOX and GDPR

Who Should Read Your Book?

I wrote “Implementing Compliance and Governance with SharePoint” with IT and business units in mind. C-Levels should also take time to read it. 

Do You Offer Book Updates?

Yes! I’ll post updates on https://www/

Do You Offer Pre-Releases?

I offer pre-releases to editors and technical reviewers. 

Do You Offer Workshops Covering Topics in The Book

Yes, but every organization is different with different needs. Please reach out to me to design a keynote or workshop that works for your organization. 

Does Your Book Cover How To Use SharePoint?

No, I assume you have experience working with SharePoint, Office 365 and Microsoft Team. I do post tutorials on on how to use SharePoint, Office 365 and Microsoft Teams. 

Does Your Book Have Sample Governance Plan Templates?

Yes, but don’t get to caught up in developing your governance plan from templates. The more of template it is the less it will be taken serious. 

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